The following prices include both mixing and mastering, per song.

No. of stems Price
Under 6 30e = US$33.5
6-10 45e = US$50.3
11-15 60e = US$67.1
16-20 75e = US$83.9
21-25 90e = US$100
26-30 105e = US$117.5
31-35 120e = US$134.3
36-40 135e = US$151.1
41-45 150e = US$167.9
46-50 175e = US$195.9
51-55 190e = US$212.8
56-60 205e = US$229.6
61-65 220e = US$246.4
66-70 235e = US$263.2

These prices are up to 300% cheaper than competitors' prices. Every additional five tracks equals +15e (around US$16.7). US dollar cents (two decimal places) are rounded down.
Do you have instrument and vocal tracks/stems recorded and want them mixed?

Are you missing a professional sounding and groovy drum track, or a guitar or bass guitar track?

Do you also need song and production feedback?

If your answer to any of these is yes, I can make it happen. With over 17 years of mixing/mastering/producing experience, from extreme metal music to avantgarde electronic, I can produce your song, EP, or album, with full dedication and surgical precision. I offer my services to anyone in the world.

Contact me at vres {at} vresmusic.com

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